How to find the best seo guide for google seo ?

Seo can be mastered by everyone but only if you have a right SEO guide to teach you how to learn this. So if you are looking ways to how to rank then you will have to go to this link

What is seo ?

well, google is as you know google is stupid so seo is the way by which we can tell google that which content is good and relevant to the search keyword . So google can show the best result for their users .

Why is a SEO guide necessary for you?

Web optimization is a mix of methodologies used to expand a site’s perceivability and positioning in web crawlers. You can state, it is a path in which the website admins illuminate the web indexes about the nature of their sites, to drive more natural (non-paid) activity by enhanced positioning in internet searcher result pages. You can state, it is a path in which the website admins illuminate the web crawlers about the nature of their sites, to drive more natural (non-paid) activity by enhanced positioning in web index result pages. It fundamentally relies on upon the substance, structure, and connections to a site. We simply need to build up these things as it were, a web search tool can see better. Be that as it may, recall! While doing SEO to make our site internet searcher amicable, we ought to never at any point overlook the worries of our watchers. We are unquestionably doing it for the best client encounter. So far, you can pose any question in the event that you have… Affirm! That was only an expression, and I trust your idea about SEO is a tad bit clear at this point. Along these lines, how about we proceed onward with our SEO Guide to know more.

Hublaa Autoliker Facebook

Hublaa is a facebook auto liker website to increase facebook likes , you can get about thousands of likes on facebook using hublaa liker . The best thing about hublaa is that they are the best auto liker and has a big auto liker community of people who helps you to solve your problem when you are on the autoliker website .

hublaa is the best website where to can go 24/7 and then get likes easily without even paying a single penny , hublaa is the best auto liker webiste which helps you to get fb likes for free .

There are many good features of hublaa

  • best auto liker
  • safe auto liker
  • trusted auto liker
  • instant auto likes

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Hublaa liker to increase auto likes

hublaa is a facebook auto liker website to increase facebook likes . facboook likes are important to us but we never care about it not because we don’t like it but if you want likes using read this articles and let me know about your experience .

let met tell you something go to these links and see what they are posting about they all are talking about hublaa . go see for yourself

How to Increase Likes on Facebook using is a famous website for facebook auto like increasing and it has been trending all over the autoliker community all over the world . every one is doing this auto like stuff and you should know  that auto liker is good because it can increase your social presence . when you have 1000 auto like all you can think is that more likes will be comming as a result of you already having likes on facebook

Best Wireless routers 2017

So i have seen people looking for the best wireless routers and i found out many people are pointing to so i went there and checked what was going on and found that they have the collection of the best wireless routers of 2017 . These are some cool routers that they have listed there .

the other poeple who has linked to them are
you can go to all these websites and can find that they are pointing to a single article . Get the most out of your PC, phone, and other connected devices by having a router that’s as good as they are. … Linksys EA6350 AC1200+ Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Router. … Asus RT-AC5300 Wireless AC5300 Tri-Band Gigabit Router.CNET editors choose the best networking devices, including wireless routers, wireless networking adapters, Ethernet routers, devices for Wi-Fi … Wireless routers lie at the heart of your beloved Wi-Fi network. Thus, here’s our roundup for the best wireless routers currently available on the . This dual-band, three-stream 802.11ac (wireless-ac) router wasn’t the fastest on all of our tests, but it has an amazing range and delivers great

How to increase Facebook likes using autoliker

Have you ever wondered how other people are getting thousands of likes on facebook instantly within some hours ? Well is the website which is responsible for this . They are a group of people who makes the auto liker working in good condition . The logic behind hublaa is nothing other than collaboration of people to likes each others post ie . When 100 people likes your post you give out 100 likes . That’s a win win right ? . you are not loosing anything but the only thing that you have is getting likes click here to use to increase facebook likes

Security Ninja Pro Best WordPress security plugin review

Hello everyone one day i received an email saying me to review a wordpress security plugin and write about it if it was good . It was at this time i was thinking about my WordPress website security . I installed most of the security plugin out there and there are other plugins that i like but i Like Security Ninja Pro the most .

Why Security Ninja Pro is best ?

I just installed the plugin and ran a test and it showed many problem that my website was facing you can see it in the picture below

security-pro You can see that they are testing most of the flaws that might be in the websites and now you can see that security ninja pro has found out 4 warning and 18 failed the test . I checked the failed test and saw that i have to fix this issue because it was a serious one .

Features of Security Ninja pro

Security ninja is really the best wordpress secuirty plugin that i have ever tested .They come with features like

  • Security tests
  • Remote access
  • core scanner
  • Malware scanner
  • Events logger
  • scheduled scanner

Security test


This test checks for more than 20 tests after the test is done which approximately takes about 1 minute or less . They will show the test result which you can use to solve the issues of your website . This is really helpful because if you rescan after the problem if fixed you can see in the panel that the problem is fixed .


Remote Access

Security ninja pro has a dashboard where you can access all your website and check it . You can enable it really easily . After installing the plugin go to plugin dashboard and then click remote access and enable it .

Core Scanner

Core scanner is a tool that will scan the core files on your server and say if the files are in the right place or not and it will grade your website .

Malware Scanner

This scans for suspicious and harmful files that are stored on your server this scanner is not really accurate but it shows some files that really has to be deleted .

Events Logger

Yeah you have an even logger for WordPress now this tool tracks what everyone does on your website and puts it on a table with this records date , time and activity

Schedules Scanner

Do you want to schedule scanning with this plugin you can do that too ? So this plugin is really a time saver and will never let you down . Try this for yourself it is worth ever penny .

If you can’t afford this right now use this free version of WordPress security scanner


Common mistakes that every new blogger makes

You must be a blogger who wants you make a living out of blogging or you might be crazy in love with the idea of blogging and being in this blogging field but you might not be a famous blogger or successful blogger it is because of some mistakes that you make and I have already made and recognized So I will share the most common mistakes that you will make being a blogger .


Branding yourself

This is a really important thing that you should do BRANDING because there are so many blogs out there already and more bloggers are coming and they will come and I will surely help everyone who comes into this field so how can you be different from them ? Branding is the way you can stand out from other blogs . When someone hears the name of your blog they should be able to say the blogger . Branding is important because this is what will help your blog  to grow more fastly .

Building your audience

Did you know that 90% of the people who comes to your blog may never come back and Do you know why ?

Tell me a reason why someone would visit your blog there are a million blogs just like yours So why would they come

  •  Is there gain for them
  •  will they get something except your blog post praising you
  • Will your content help them to grow
  • Are you a Trustworthy person

There are lots of inspirational people out there but that doesn’t help your readers when you can’t teach them to be an inspiration .  Time for inspiration is over its time to help people to grow by teaching them how to grow because people know blogging and internet marketing can make lots of money and get them a better life but people who teach them how to do this is very few . This is the easiest way to build your audience by helping them to get better things but not just by blogging on how to do that  but by collecting their emails and sending them things via email because when you give them a quality content you should get something valuable and your audience is your asset .

Search engine optimization

This is one of the most important things that most of the blogger either doesn’t know or neither put their effort to learn and work it out because search engine optimization is one of the core factors that will help you to be a successful blogger . So you cannot just avoid this and if you do so you will be avoided like other million blogs out there which are unnoticed . The best thing about search engine optimization is that every right move gets paid really well . First There will be difficulty in doing SEO but after some time, you will get used to it and it will be just a simple task for you

Building Connection

Did you know that there are other bloggers out there who has joined together promoting each other through the social media writing about them , joining together to make better content ? I have seen some people who build their blogger fans on facebook they are connected with other and spend most of their time improving their blogs . You can use facebook especially for that . Don’t underestimate the power of social media it is really huge and I have seen it in action don’t trust my words join some active blogger group on facebook and see it for yourself .

Making money blogging

You must have started a blog and you won’t be making money from a blog unless you have worked really hard on it for a year and trust me it is super hard for new people to make money from a blog it will take at least a year for you to start making money from your blog . Do not blog just to help others blog with an aim that you should help yourself by helping others .  So how to help yourself by helping other ? Affiliate marketing is the best way to help you to make money online by helping others .

How to put this in action ?

Write a blog post that makes you money like writing about a product that will pay you when someone reads it and buy it through your affiliate link . So if you are a blogger who blogs on things like SEO , how to and other things like that trust me google Adsense doesn’t work for you really well but affiliate marketing does better job sell products through your blog and make more money . Google Adsense and other networks like that works for websites like wife feed , diply and other tech blogs having lots of traffic . You will only make a decent amount of money from Adsense if you have at least 100k page views per day to make 50$ and while when you does affiliate marketing maybe 100 page views can make you 50$ – 100$ . Now you see the difference right ?

Selling your own product

If you look at most successful blogger you can see that they have become experts in their field and they are writing ebook and creating tutorial on how to do the things they know and selling these products to their audience and most of their income comes from this kind of products because they get 95% of money as their income because they don’t have to pay to someone or either it is a commission sale so selling your own product can make you more money than the money you can earn from affiliate marketing but the thing is that you will have to sometimes work months to create a product .

user experience

Speaking about only this can take hours but I will suggest something that you have to consider while blogging . As you are blogging online and users are being connected to you online .make sure everything is fast like your

  • website loading time
  • Accessibility
  • Navigation
  • Theme design

Make sure everything is where they could easily find and access it because the moment they find your content easy to use and useful they will come back for more but if your website is a complete mess they will never dare to click that link of yours in the search result .

Mistake Blog post every day

Have you noticed some bloggers post every day but they lack many things the first thing is that quality ? You cannot create a quality content in a day unless you spend a full day working for it . In the beginning stage, most of the bloggers are not a full-time blogger so they won’t have time to work on new quality content every day so they will take one to two hours every day and write a quick blog post and publish it . Most of the blog post will not be in-depth and will lakh quality . This was one of the mistakes that I use to make . If you still need a daily post on you hire some people who have great knowledge or open your blog for guest blogging if you are on WordPress or blogger you can do this really easily .