What is the best attitude towards life?

Magnanimous Attitude is being without Egoism, self-centeredness and possessiveness. At the end of the day, benevolent state of mind is as a rule just obligation cognizant, without result introduction.

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A man with benevolent state of mind is cheerful and mollified in the negligible execution of one’s own obligation and never is made a fuss over the advantages or returns, rewards or benefits that would gather from that. The most elevated of benevolence is keeping up an unbiased enthusiasm forever.

That is, not getting excessively connected or excessively engaged with the activity or encounter, nor being careless or careless or unfeeling or reckless about the activity or experience. The magnanimous individual neither revels too much nor goes without past points of confinement.

A magnanimous individual simply performs what should be finished. No other stuff appended, no imitation, no triviality, no hang ups, no falsification, no flashiness. Benevolent demeanor is synonymous of Service introduction and forfeit throughout everyday life.