The Nighthawk X6S is worked around Broadcom’s BCM4365E Wi-Fi chip. It has a double center 1.8GHz processor, 128MB of RAM and 512MB of strong state stockpiling for holding the framework’s firmware and settings.

Best Wireless Routers : Review

While this switch manages without the WRT32X’s transmission capacity development innovation, the X6S utilizes the most recent Mu-Mimo innovation to interface with a few gadgets on the double.

This switch likewise utilizes Netgear’s Beamforming+ convention to modify the flag for every gadget. The convention works at the driver level to get some additional speed and range out of beamforming while at the same time staying good with standard 802.11ac hardware.

The tri-band remote outline can hypothetically convey 750 Mbps with the X6S’s 2.4GHz channel and also up to 1.625 Gbps for every one of the switch’s two 5GHz channels. This means a weighty AC4000 rating.