Mission Sub 1 Crossbow : Review

The SUB-1 isn’t another cycle of an old Mission demonstrate. It’s a spic and span stage that is very not the same as some other crossbow I’ve utilized.

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At the point when first dealing with the bow, its sheer weight (7.5 pounds) and manufacture are noteworthy. No, it’s not light. In any case, it is made totally from aluminum. There’s negligible plastic on the SUB-1 and the riser is particularly muscular.

One of the principal things I saw when looking the SUB-1 over was a recognizable arrangement of wheels…the SUB-1’s Sync X framework, a couple of roundabout and concentric wheels, looks a dreadful parcel like the framework utilized on Mathew’s NoCam vertical bow and not appallingly divergent from the AVS framework as of now utilized on Mathews’ best end mixes.

Indeed, there’s a great deal of compound-related innovation (and application) in this crossbow. There’s 80-percent letoff—more on that in a bit—and the draw weight is customizable from its 200-pound top.