Logitech G903 Gaming Mouse – Review

The Logitech G903 makes a decent contention however. Similarly as with the G502, Logitech has packed top of the line highlights into this mouse. All things considered, from multiple points of view the G903 is only an able to use both hands (and remote) rendition of the G502.

Best Gaming Mouse – Review

That being stated, this mouse (as with any able to use both hands mouse) is unquestionably more suited to hook grippers. Palm holding unavoidably prompts pinky and possibly ring fingers dragging along the mouse cushion, while a decent hook grasp gets them up off the beaten path.

I’m a hook gripper myself, and that is presumably why I think that its simple to backpedal and forward amongst scooped and able to use both hands mice. Palm grippers ought to most likely search for something with more help, unless there’s a justifiable reason motivation to go able to use both hands.

You get nine catches here, albeit two are incapacitated as a matter of course—the thumb catches on the correct side are supplanted with a balanced out bit of plastic. This piece associates attractively, so you can undoubtedly swap it out and put the two right-edge thumb catches in and keep running with every one of the four associated or, in case you’re left-given, put the right-edge thumb catches in and supplant the left ones with the coordinating plastic watch. Your inclination.


Beside that you have standard left and right snap, center snap, in addition to two catches that as a matter of course are mapped to dpi-swapping. These catches are somewhat clumsy, put behind the mouse wheel, yet that is just an issue on the off chance that you anticipate exchanging dpi regularly.