lighting tips for youtube videos


I can endure watching something that appears as though it was shot on a VHS, however in the event that it sounds like the sound was recorded through a tin can, at that point I’m not going to watch it except if you have the main video around on a subject that I am totally frantic to be educated about.

Passage Level YouTube Mic – Blue Snowball

One of the principal updates I made to my recordings was getting a Blue Snowball mouthpiece. It’s presumably a standout amongst the most well known mouthpieces out there on the grounds that it’s moderate at just around $60 and it’s perfect with any Windows or Mac PC. It’s driverless with the goal that implies it’s attachment and play. lighting for youtube videos Clarence

The sound quality is fair the extent that USB choices go and it offers three unique modes; one of which bolsters omnidirectional chronicle so in the event that you are recording various individuals or move around a considerable measure when shooting then this will be an incredible choice.