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On the off chance that you are searching for something less expensive yet at the same time equipped for taking care of a constant flow of clients, attempt the Luma Comfort.

It gloats of respectable 28 lbs creation limit. This implies it can deliver 28 lbs of ice at regular intervals. For most little to medium-measure bars and eateries, this is sufficient.

Substantial capacity limit

A substantial creation limit should be joined by an extensive stockpiling limit.

The Luma Comfort can stack up on 2.15 lbs of ice for each cycle. This is sufficient to give a consistent supply even on those additional bustling nighttimes. under the counter ice maker

One thing we would have needed however is a shorter process duration. The ice creator takes 15 minutes to deliver a bunch of ice shapes. This is more than twofold the process duration for the Igloo ICE103.

Be that as it may, considering that the ice creator delivers clear and harder ice, it is reasonable why the procedure takes longer. .


Most clients appear to experience considerable difficulties getting a hang of how to work the ice creator. It appears to be sufficiently straightforward yet it can continue disappointing you before you see how to influence it to function.