How can you describe your sadness?

Have you at any point nodded off at a surprising time and woke up getting a handle on of place and time; uncertain on the off chance that it were morning or night, in the event that you’d rested through until the morning, what to do or say or where you were, even felt sick?

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Tastes and scents like a ghost aroma in the breeze; recollections enable you to remember them, however they bring you just passing – aimless sensations.

Your spirit; once it nourished off of your heart – It’s delights and distresses.

Presently; it meanders interminably, seeking where your heart once refreshed: as time passes by, it winds up bowing all the more, gradually understanding it’s pursuit is futile.

Debilitated, it can never again make the adventure to your psyche; it trys to turn upward as regularly as conceivable – increasingly when it bows: meandering is depleting and doesn’t allow both.