Here’s how to get Flappy Bird on Android

Flappy Bird absolutely took an odd direction through the atmosphere, topping applications diagrams crosswise over stages previously it was immediately yanked from iOS and Android.

New Flappy Bird on Android Download

Hypothesis aside, the expulsion of Flappy Bird from Google Play won’t prompt it being grounded. Be that as it may, before you much consider forking out an expansive total of money for a telephone with it preinstalled from eBay, simply read on to discover how to get it on your Android telephone.

The Flappy Bird APK (that is the Android application) is broadly accessible on the web, so you can simply download it and introduce it on your telephone. Be that as it may, you won’t not assume that strategy, but rather fear not, it’s extremely simple to share between gadgets.

Above all else, you’ll require a telephone with the application as of now on it – maybe you as of now have it and need to impart it to a companion, or put it on another Android gadget or simply isolate it for thriving.