Happy for No Reason

In Happy for No Reason, Marci Shimoff weaves together a portion of the best thoughts from the positive-brain science development with Chicken Soup for the Soul– like stories from what she calls the “Cheerful 100,” running from creators like Elizabeth Gilbert to Michael Bernard Beckwith.

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“Specialists have discovered that regardless of the end result for you throughout everyday life, you tend to come back to a settled scope of satisfaction,” Shimoff composes. “Like your weight set-point, which keeps the scale drifting around a similar number, your satisfaction set-point will continue as before unless you try to transform it.”

She notes: “There was a popular report directed that followed individuals who’d won the lottery — what numerous individuals consider as the ticket to the enchantment kingdom of happiness. Inside multi year, these fortunate victors came back to around a similar level of bliss they’d encountered before their godsend.