Halo Rover – Review

The Halo Rover is a decent pick if a large portion of your hoverboarding needs include going rough terrain. This model has 8.5″ bumpy elastic tires that are splendidly suited for driving through the recreation center or on the shoreline.

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This load up included a conveying case when we got it — however this might be a constrained time offer — yet is a decent touch as this model wouldn’t fit any of the non specific conveying cases accessible.

This board likewise has a worked in Bluetooth speaker to play music while you ride, and in addition a buddy application to show measurements while riding, for example, speed and battery life. One drawback to this board is that is uncommonly substantial, weighing 31.9 pounds.

Outside Capabilities

Riding outside and rough terrain is the place the Halo Rover sparkles, winning it a solid score of 7 out of 10. We tried how each board took care of going over breaks in the street, clearing edges, and in addition how it did over earth, grass, and on steep, soak slopes.


The Halo Rover did well in all cases, doing particularly well at moving over breaks and rough streets, and also navigating grass. The expansive, bumpy tires complete a great job of riding over splits, however can influence the board to vibrate somewhat while riding. This board likewise completed a great job at moving over hard-stuffed earth and sand, feeling simply like it was on asphalt.