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Benchmade 940-1 (lightweight powerhouse)

benchmade 940-1

Just a smidge heavier than the above Spyderco, however with around an additional inch in sharp edge length, the 940-1 is an astounding organizer, maybe the best blade Benchmade has ever created. folding pocket knife tricks

The turn around tanto cutting edge shape is phenomenal, conveying a ton of edge thickness to the finish of the blade without the blocky and difficult to-hone state of a conventional Americanized tanto. The Axis bolt is strong and simple to utilize.

There is just a single ding — the pocket cut is yawn-commendable. All things considered, Benchmade offers a free clasp swap with its awesome profound convey, over-the-top clasp. Possibly multi day the brand will understand this is a superior outline and ship it with the 940-1 standard. Read the full GearJunkie survey.