adsense approval policy

Google will then begin to check your site and search for potential issues with consistence with the AdSense expressions of administration. I’ll go over those immediately, on the off chance that you’re interested what kind of issues they’re searching for. Additionally, take note of that the code they’re having you glue isn’t advertisement code, it’s confirmation code. They’re essentially checking to ensure you possess the site you claim to claim, by asking for something just the site proprietor approaches do. adsense account pending approval

Endorsement will by and large occur inside seven days. In the event that they discover an issue and will deny your demand, they will regularly react inside three. On the off chance that it has been over seven days since you started the procedure and you have not heard again from them, it’s for the most part suggested that you send the AdSense group an email or bolster message requesting that they investigate it. They’re generally entirely fast about reacting and handling demands rapidly if there’s an issue.